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California African American Museum - CAAM

Gospel Exhibit 2018

Digital Plus played a major role in printing and installing the graphics while staying within a tight deadline.

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Chitimacha Casino (left), Harrah's Cherokee Casino (right) and Choctaw Casino (below) all chose Digital Plus when it came time to design and install a unique lighting fixture.

City of Hope main campus ​turned to Digital Plus to print and install a variety of materials in their new museum.

Digital Plus was honored to be responsible for the printing and installation at the Gary Sinise Foundation museum.

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Gary Sinese 4.JPG

When it comes to hospitality art Digital Plus has done it all. A simple piece for ​a lobby or waiting room, even a few elevators, but where we shine is when we are doing 400+ guest rooms, give us a try for your next hospitality art project.

Digital Plus also works with many artists to complete their final vision, for example photographer Howard Ruby when he had an amazing show at the Smithsonian.

There are always those projects that are a little different from what we normally do, but we do those too. The Los Angeles Conservancy needed an RV with their message about the LA River. Nissan needed a Cup Noodles pong game for promotion on college campuses and Cloud B needed a display to show their toys lit up the ceiling and played lullabies while keeping the toys from being removed. Even if you think your project isn't something we do you might be surprised, give us a call.

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